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We publish articles continuously throughout the year, gathering these into quarterly editions which share a common theme driven by events. A subscription provides access to all articles during a one year period and includes a 45 minute remote consultation with commoditia on topics related to articles. Each quarterly edition is divided into three sections: 

01 Quarterly review

The quarterly review draws together issues and news within each quarterly period, providing: 

  • An editorial exploring the themes being discussed and analysed in articles within each quarter creating a timely record and interpretation of events.
  • A curated news stream with commentary on the most important stories breaking each quarter that relate to carbohydrate crops, proteins, food and agriculture.

02 Features & Analysis

This is the main section of the quarterly edition. It provides: 

  • Features articles which are in depth discussions of issues relevant to the industries, people, markets and sectors we cover.
  • Analysis articles which are more data driven. Through the use of charts and tables we analyse and explain evolving themes, provide data for both product and raw materials markets and examine the fundamentals driving change.

03 Off the page…


  • Away from your desk, off the page explores the lighter side of whatever catches our interest: restaurant reviews, stories, culture, places, people, opportunities.

Each subscription is for four quarterly digital editions, issued over the course of one year. A subscription also provides access to back issues and articles while it is valid. The remote discussion may be arranged at a time of mutual convenience and after confirmation of and agreement on the topic.